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SqlServer # 2 – Return Values from Stored Procedures .

Hi Friends ,

We developers everyday come across many situations where we need to return the data  int the form of table or a single variable from the stored procedure.

In this article we will see three ways to return the data from the stored procedure

* Select Statements

* Output Variables

* Return Statement


** Select Statement

It is very easy to return the Result Sets [Note:We get Result Sets whenever we run simple SELECT statement in a stored procedure] from the stored procedure.

Let’s suppose you want a stored procedure to return a list of all the Students with a given last name.  The code for the stored procedure might look like this:
CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.GetStudentByLastName (@LastName NVARCHAR(50))
SELECT Student_Id,FirstName,
FROM Student
WHERE LastName = @LastName
ORDER BY Student_Id


Suppose we pass parameter @LastName=’Desuza’ to above stored procedure we will get output as follows


exec GetStudentByLastName ’Desuza’ 




** Output Variable

Suppose in case we need to return a single value from the stored procedure in that case we can use it.

Example : – We need to return the FirstName of the Student table by passing the Student_Id as parameter

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.GetLastNameByStudent_Id (
@Student_Id int,
@Student_First_Name varchar(max) OUTPUT )
Select @Student_First_Name=FirstName from student
where Student_Id=@Student_Id


For instance we pass the @Student_Id parameter as 1.

DECLARE    @return_value int,
@Student_First_Name varchar(max)

EXEC    @return_value = [dbo].[GetLastNameByStudent_Id]
@Student_Id = 1,
@Student_First_Name = @Student_First_Name OUTPUT

SELECT    @Student_First_Name as N’@Student_First_Name’

SELECT    ‘Return Value’ = @return_value


We will get OutPut as

** Return Statement

The last way to get data back from a stored procedure is also the most limiting. It only returns a single numeric value. This is most commonly used to return a status result or error code from a procedure. Consider this procedure:

CREATE PROC dbo.TestReturn (@InValue int)
Return @Invalue

Consider we pass parameter as 1 to the procedure TestReturn

It will give output as


DECLARE    @return_value int

EXEC    @return_value = [dbo].[TestReturn]
@InValue = 1

SELECT    ‘Return Value’ = @return_value



Enjoy the ways to return the values from a procedure !!!!!


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