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LINQ # 9 – Standard Query Operators (What are Standard Query Operators ?)

Hi Folks,

In this article we will cover all the standard query operators that can be used to fire query against .NET Objects.

** What are Standard Query Operators ?

* It is a set of methods which can operate on objects whose type implements the IEnumerable<T> or IQueryable<T> interface. IEnumerable exposes the enumerator which iterates over a collection of a specified type.

* There are different sets of methods that operate on static members of Enumerable and Queryable classes. Each query can have any number of methods within it. The more number of methods in a query, the more complex it is. The query operators are useable with any .NET language that support generics.

* There are some differences in the query execution timings, depending on the value that the query returns. If the query returns a single value, like an average or a sum, it executes immediately and returns the value. If it is a sequence of values, the query would be deferred and would return an enumerable object.

* The namespace that takes care of importing the query operators is:

 using System.Linq;




NOTE : For Details of each and every type of Query Operator please refer link



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